Frequently Asked Questions?

Read our answers to popular Sri Lanka Travel FAQs that may help you before, during, and after your Sri Lanka Tour.

Where is Sri Lanka situated?

It’s in the southeast region of Asia. Sri Lanka lies between the northern latitudes 5 55 and 9 55 and the eastern longitudes 79 42 and 81 51. 650 km north of the equator.

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What is the size of the island?

At 65,610 square kilometers. it is the length from the northernmost point at point Pedro to the southernmost point of dander head is 435km. the greatest width is 240km.

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The best time visit Sri Lanka?

Sri lanka is the tropical country with almost the same season all year long except for monsoon seasons kicking off at different times during the year despite showers and warm sunny climate is always guaranted.

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What is the population of Sri Lanka?

Population is 20.2 million. the majority of sri lankas are singhalese and buddhists, but the total population is a mixture of tamil, moor, burgher.

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What kind of clothes should be worn?

Light weight and light colors clothing is recommended. it is a good idea to be conservatively dressed on the streets and shorts are not permitted in places of worship. footwear and hats, caps off in temples. a light sweater is recommended in the hill country.

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How many languages are spoken in Sri Lanka?

Sinhala (languages of 74% of the population) and tamil (is language of 18% population ) and english is spoken as a result of been british colony.

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What currency is used in Sri Lanka?

Sri lanka rupee (LKR)

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Sri Lanka International dialing code?

0094 OR +94

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What is the voltage type in Sri Lanka?

210-240 volts, 50hz, alternating current. Three – pin sockets are normally used.

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What sites can be visited?

The options are endiess. There are lots of archeological sites, nature reserves, beaches. Unesco has named many places in sri lanka as world heritage sites such as anuradhapura, polonnaruwa, sigiriya.